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Sexual Conduct with a Minor

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Child Pornography
Failure to Register as a Sex Offender
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Sex crimes are some of the most serious and harshly prosecuted offenses that an individual can be accused of. Not only can a sex crime conviction result in a lengthy prison sentence, it can also result in a damaging loss of reputation and required sex offender registration.


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The moment you discover that you are under investigation for a sex crime, or as soon as you have been arrested, it is imperative that you speak with an attorney right away – before speaking with the police.

Any criminal accusation can be difficult to deal with. Individuals facing sex crime charges, however, could be forced to deal with extremely harsh repercussions. You may not even have to be convicted of a sex crime to experience the long-lasting impact an allegation can have on your life.

The Law Office of Jeanne Campbell brings a full arsenal to combat these serious allegations - utilizing defense investigators, forensic computer analysts, polygraph examiners, licensed sex offender treatment providers, and psychiatrists to ensure that the client's rights and freedom are protected. Sometimes these cases are prepped for jury trial. Other times these cases are mitigated for favorable plea bargain agreements. Either way, you cannot afford to sit back and wait for a court date to think about which firm you want guiding you through the process.

Without the representation of an experienced Utah criminal defense lawyer, you could face serious prison time, high fines, invasive and difficult sex offender probation, and mandatory sex offender registration. Registration can even be required if you are granted deferred adjudication probation.

Finding a Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Attorney in Utah

Sex crime accusations make for an extremely stressful time for the accused. The magnitude of the long-lasting effects these accusations have on an individual, both professionally and personally, is unmatched.

Attorney Jeanne Campbell is Utah's legal expert for Sex Crimes criminal defense. Other criminal defense attorneys from all over Utah seek her help and advice on cases involving sex crimes accusations.  Attorney Campbell spent years as a prosecutor with the Utah Attorney General's office in the Sex Crimes unit, giving her invaluable experience. As a private criminal defense lawyer, Jeanne Campbell has won dozens of jury trials for sex-related charges, including Enticing a Minor, Sexual Assault, Rape, and Sexual Abuse of a Child. If you've been charged with a Sex Crime in Utah, you need to call the team of Bautista and Campbell.

Common Sexual Offenses in Utah

In the state of Utah, there is a wide variety of conduct constituting sex crimes. If an individual faces sex crime accusations or charges, it is vital to consult with an experienced defense attorney to discuss your legal options and specific facts of the case

Child Pornography (Enticing a Minor) - Utah code §76-4-401 an individual is enticing a minor when he or she knowingly uses the Internet or text messages to solicit a minor, or someone the actor believes to be a minor, to engage in any sexual activity in violation of a state criminal law.

Enticing a minor is punishable by a minimum of three years imprisonment and a maximum of life imprisonment.

Polygamy (Bigamy) - Utah code §76-7-101 an individual is guilty of polygamy when he or she is married or knows that another person is married, and purports to marry or cohabit with the other person.

Polygamy is punishable by a maximum of five years imprisonment and up to $5,000 in fines.

Prostitution and Solicitation - Utah code §76-10-1302

Prostitution, as defined by the Utah code, occurs when an individual engages in any sexual act with another for a fee of the functional equivalent; is an inmate of a prostitution house; or loiters in a public place for the purpose of being hired to commit sexual acts.

Prostitution is punishable by up to six months and jail and $1,000 in fines.

Rape – Utah code §76-5-402 an individual commits rape when this individual has sexual intercourse with another person without that person’s consent.  This applies whether or not the individuals are married. 

Rape is a first-degree felony punishable by a minimum of five years to life; a minimum of 15 years to life in the event that the accused has caused serious bodily injury to the victim; or life without parole if the defendant was previously convicted of a grievous sexual offense.

Sex Crimes against Children (Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child) - Utah Code §76-5-404.1

Sexual Abuse of a child occurs when a person touches a child in a sexual manner or causes a child to commit indecent acts to him or her with intent to cause substantial emotional or bodily pain, or intent to arouse.

Aggravated sexual abuse of a child occurs when in conjunction with the aforementioned acts, the actor used a dangerous weapon, caused severe harm, befriended the child with intent to commit the act, has a history of these acts, was in a trusted position, aided in trafficking, or caused penetration.

This offense is punishable by a minimum of 15 years imprisonment to a maximum of life imprisonment without parole.

Penalties for Sex Crime Convictions in Utah


Class C misdemeanor sex crimes are punishable by up to 90 days in jail and up to $750 in fines. Class B misdemeanor sex crimes are punishable by up to six months in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. Class A misdemeanor sex crimes are punishable by up to one year in jail and up to $2,500 in fines.

The following sex crimes are considered misdemeanors: lewdness and indecent exposure, and prostitution, and solicitation.


Third-degree felony sex crimes are punishable by up to five years imprisonment and up to $5,500 in fines.

The following sex crimes are considered third-degree felonies: lewdness and indecent exposure. 

Second-degree felony sex crimes are punishable by up to 15 years imprisonment and up to $10,000 in fines.

The following sex crimes are considered second-degree felonies: sexual exploitation of a minor and forcible sexual abuse.

First-degree felony sex crimes are punishable by up to five years imprisonment and up to $10,000.

The following sex crimes are considered first-degree felonies: rape, aggravated sexual assault, and enticing a minor.

Collateral Consequences of Sex Crime Conviction

Sex crime convictions carry heavy consequences in a person’s life.  In addition to lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines, a conviction can make the process of finding employment extremely difficult.  Sex offenders may also lose licenses and be banned from certain housing.  

Sex offenders are prohibited from jobs such as teaching, daycare work, and any other profession which would put an offender in close proximity to children are prohibited.  All employment must be approved by a court-appointed agent.   

Also, convicted sex offenders may be prohibited from obtaining certain professional licenses, or may lose current ones. Teaching licenses and other child care licenses cannot be held by sex offenders.

Finding housing is also increasingly difficult after being convicted of a sex crime.

Utah Sex Crimes Resources

Utah Sex and Kidnap Offender Notification and Registration (SONAR) - Utah Code Ann. § 77-41 requires the Utah Department of Corrections (UDC) to publish certain personal information, of individuals convicted of certain sexually-motivated offenses.

Utah Violence and Injury Prevention Program - Statistics and data concerning rape, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

Utah Megan’s Law Information - Information for probationers and parolees, probation parole conditions, and resources for sex offenders.

Salt Lake City Rape Recovery Center - Explanation of the criminal process, summons and arrest, police investigation, and more preliminary procedures.

Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice: Reported Crime Statistics - Sex crime statistics for Utah and sex crime sentencing information.

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