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If you have been accused of an alcohol related crime in Utah, our Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyers are here for you.

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Utah has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country. Whether you live in Utah or just visiting, being pulled over and charged with a DUI here can affect you in serious and surprising ways. You should know:

1. You can get a DUI in Utah without drinking or driving.
2. Utah has lowered the Blood Alcohol limit to 0.05%, the lowest in the country. For most people, that means a couple of glasses of wine with dinner could ruin their life.
3. Utah has a "Not-a-Drop" policy for anyone under 21. 
4. A First-time DUI offense in Utah carries mandatory:  
- 2 days in jail, minimum
- Automatic Driver's License suspension
- Hefty financial penalties
- Interlock device requirement for 1 year
5. If you refuse a blood or breath test in Utah, you will automatically lose your license, even if you've never had a drink in your life.

Call and talk to us for more detailed explanation.
You can protect yourself from a damaging DUI conviction by working with a skilled Utah DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer like Attorney Jeanne Campbell as soon as possible.

As a former prosecutor and District Attorney, Jeanne Campbell completely understands the justice system and what you are currently up against. Whether you have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor, Jeanne Campbell uses her unique legal insight and litigation experience to level the playing field and maneuver your case into the most favorable position possible.

Winning Your DUI Case

The state of Utah penalizes all types of Alcohol crimes harshly and prosecutors will seek to punish you to the fullest extent of the law. Even first-time offenders are facing very real penalties, ranging from mandatory jail time to excessive legal fines. 

However, DUI Defense Attorney Jeanne Campbell has helped hundreds of clients beat the DUI charge, keep their Driver's License, and avoid jail time and hefty fines.

When we file our Notice of Appearance in your case, we also file a Request for Discovery. The prosecutor is required to provide us with all discovery materials, including the body cam footage of the officers involved in your arrest and processing.

By going through this footage with a trained legal eye, we can often find grounds for excluding evidence due to improper police procedures.

In other cases, if it's a first DUI in 10 years, Attorney Campbell can negotiate and get your DUI charge reduced to an "Impaired Driving" charge, which will save you from license suspension, interlock device, and jail time.

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