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Investigation & Forensics


The Law Office of Bautista Campbell brings a full arsenal to combat serious allegations - utilizing defense investigators, forensic computer analysts, polygraph examiners, licensed sex offender treatment providers, and psychiatrists to ensure that the client's rights and freedom are protected.


When conducting criminal, civil, and forensic investigations, 

Bautista Campbell partners with Bluecore LLC for:

  • accident and crime scene reconstruction

  • data extraction, cellular plotting for call detail records, and accessing and analyzing digital data for laptops, tablets, and desktops

  • interrogation, witness locating, interviews, informants, local government records, and online databases to develop prosecutable cases for violation of state and federal criminal statutes


Bluecore LLC are crime investigating experts in:

 financial crimes,


fraud, forgery,



elder abuse,

automobile theft,

large embezzlement,


ponzi scams,

communication fraud,

narcotics investigations.

domestic violence,

employee theft,

sexual assaults,

and background investigations.


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20+ years of in-depth investigations

Forensic leading-edge technology

Retired Criminal Investigators

Certified in both State and Federal Court

Certified with Cellebrite and Cell Hawk

Accident and Crime Scene Reconstruction

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