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Mary, Draper, Utah

When my son was arrested, we didn’t know how to help him because the charges were very serious and every attorney we talked to wanted thousands of dollars to even talk to him. My son was only 19 and we didn’t want him to go to prison. We felt helpless but then we found Jeanne through a friend of ours and felt like our prayers had been answered. She not only came to our home and spent time talking to us and explaining everything but she was willing to work within our budget. We felt like she really cared about our son and made every effort to help him and our family.

Matt Ren

This will be a detailed testimonial. Rudy Bautista, this firm, and his associates, literally saved my life as I know it. Wrongly overcharged with 6 aggravated 1st-degree felonies I tried my luck with three other local lawyers who all told me to take the only deal being offered which was ten years flat in prison. After dismissing those lawyers I was able to retain Mr. Bautista at a rate far more reasonable than other lawyers comparable. Rudy worked with me to assure I could afford his assistance and he made me believe it would all be ok in the end. Almost immediately after Rudy became my counsel he was able to start negotiating a very reasonable deal for me. I agreed to a deal that most surely would still result in me being incarcerated for several years, however, Rudy still argued for and got me probation at sentencing. Now remember, I was originally charged with 6 aggravated firsts...Rudy Bautista and his assistant Julie were unbelievable throughout this process and very hands-on. Anytime I had a problem, or even a small worry I contacted Julie before contacting Rudy and she put me at ease and handled the whole situation without having to bother Rudy. I will close in saying Rudy Bautista is feared in the courtroom. Especially in the trial. The man is a modern-day version of Johnny Cochran or F. Lee Bailey for SLC. There is an aura about him when he walks into the courtroom. His team, starting with Julie are unbelievable assets you want on your side if you need legal help. I am free because of them.

B. J., West Valley, Utah

By the time I called Jeanne Campbell, I was pretty desperate. I was nineteen and looking at spending 15 years in prison for kidnapping and assault. I’m ashamed to say I did do some pretty bad things but that was two years before when I was part of a gang. I stopped hanging out with that crowd and was trying to straighten up my life because I had two kids and another on the way. The first attorney I had told me I should take the deal the state was offering and maybe I’d only serve half the time.  I was afraid that I was going to lose everything - my new job, my family, and my freedom! But then a friend of mine told me to call Attorney Jeanne Campbell and said she could help. Well, I did and she not only got my charges reduced, she convinced the judge that I deserved another chance so he gave me probation.  I’m doing really well now and I can honestly say that hiring Jeanne Campbell saved my life!

Rudy Bautista  was accessible, diligent, and dependable when it came to my legal needs . He is an invaluable resource when it comes to protecting my rights in the courtroom. His attention to detail and knowledge of laws are unsurpassed. I would highly recommend him. I have used multiple attorneys in the past and this relationship and Rudy Bautista have proven to exceed my expectations.

I am so grateful for Rudy Bautista's expertise. He restored hope in my life. His fees are very reasonable and he isn't afraid to fight. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of competent representation at an affordable price.

Rudy is amazingly good!! Very nice and respectful! My husband and I are grateful for his help and support and We are very confident in his work. Highly recommend Rudy Bautista!!

R. M., Draper, Utah

I was already in jail when I first met Jeanne Campbell.  My mother had heard about her from a friend and asked her to come and visit me.  I was almost finished serving a 180-day sentence for possession of marijuana conviction but had just been charged with Theft, a second-degree felony. Even though it didn’t look like I was going to get out any time soon, it was almost Christmas and my mom really wanted me home.  We didn’t have much money so I had a public defender in the marijuana case. Since that didn’t work out very well, we were hoping that Jeanne would take my case even though we really couldn’t afford the legal fees.  Jeanne not only let us work out a payment arrangement with her, but she also got me out of jail before Christmas!  Because I had a criminal history, I was facing certain prison time if we took the case to trial and lost but I was never pressured into taking a deal.  In fact, we were preparing for trial when Jeanne convinced the prosecutor to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor offense and I was placed on probation.  My mom and I were so pleased with Jeanne’s legal representation, that we have referred her to many of our friends and family members.


Rudy Bautista is a great lawyer in a couple cases and he is a very trustworthy person as a lawyer. My family and I are so happy for his great service and a great person. Plus I have refer Rudy to a few friends and he has done a great job with all my referrals. Rudy keep the great work. My family and myself are so very happy with your great work as lawyer and a great person. Thank you so much.

Aida Venegas

I would like to highly recommend Rudy!! Awesome man, won 3 cases in our favor. Trustworthy, honest and great soul. My family and I are so thankful for his great service.

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